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What is Terra Kula?

More than a place, Terra Kula is "heartset" where we live in harmony, balance and deep connection with ourselves, with each other, and with the natural world. We are an authentic, grassroots movement working to make change for a vibrant and abundant world. We host small group, special interest, and experiential workshops such as Permaculture Design, yoga, and other events that foster that heartset.


The name Terra Kula blends the Latin word “Terra”, or earth, with the Sanskrit word “Kula”, or community of the heart/family.   From the Hawaiian tradition, “kula” means school.  We’ve blended the two words, of different origins, to represent the desire for what we would like to manifest in the world – a place of coming together; a place where we recognize our commonalities and honour our differences; a place where we connect through real conversations. The desire is to create a space for growing together.

Our Mission

To be a living example of the abundance possible through natural, regenerative, small-scale methods and inspire people to grow together

Our Vision

The co-creation of a vibrant, abundant, connected world of ethically sound individuals & responsible community members, where ideal conditions exist for all life to thrive and all individuals to become transformational forces, living their truth in fullest expression and planting seeds of their own inspiration.

Our Values

We strive to uphold these values in all endeavours:

  • spirit of collaboration

  • utmost integrity

  • personal sovereignty/responsibility

  • awareness

  • trust

  • consideration of the Highest Good

  • consideration of 7th generation impact

  • originating from a place of attraction, not promotion

  • ethics and principles taught in the Permaculture Design Course

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