A fallen tree helps build more forest soil... yet sometimes it begs to be transformed into something functional for humans to enjoy.

At Terra Kula Designs, we create 'functional art' pieces from locally-sourced trees, all hand-crafted and unique. 

Some samples are displayed here as gift inspirations. Connect with us to explore ideas, availability, and pricing.

More inventory options posted regularly. Custom pieces can also be arranged. 

WANTED: If you have or know of a fallen tree, we may be able to help with its removal in exchange for the wood...and we will create a bowl for you made from that same tree. 

To connect directly with our craftsman, click here.


Caring for your wood art:

All pieces are finished with food-safe material and can be hand-washed, rinsed or simply wiped clean and allowed to fully dry. 


Do not soak or use a power dishwasher.


Long-term care:

We recommend applying food-safe oil/wax finish as required, or let the natural wood finish shine by itself.