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Meet Our Guide

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Catherine Stilo
E-RYT 500/1000

Catherine is a creative facilitator blending yoga with the art of story and deep connections with the natural world. Her teachings harmonize with the seasons inviting in the more fiery practices in the Spring to clear stagnation, cooling practices in Summer, more grounding, slower, Yin practices in the Fall and the quieter stillness of Restorative in Winter.

Photo Courtesy of @danalovesmycurls


Upcoming Workshops

We offer the following workshops in-person or online to deepen your practice.

The Magic of Yin

Living Meditation

Chakra Experience

Introduction to Restorative

Please contact Catherine with your interest in these workshops.

Private Group Sessions

Book for Your Group or Event

Customized themes

Private Group Rates

$150 (5 to 10)

$185 (up to 20)

$200 (up to 49)

$275 (50+)


60 - 75 min

Inquire about longer sessions


Current Session


6 Weeks 

Mar 19 to Apr 25 

Tue 6:30pm In-Person 

Thu 6:30pm Online 

60 min

In-Person Rate:

$90/person (6 classes)

Bonus: Access to Thu Online Classes

Max. 20 spots

Online Session Rate:


Pre-Registration Required

Upcoming Sessions:

Apr 30


Refund Policy - No discounts/refunds or carry-forward for missing/missed classes. Pricing is structured to encourage prioritization of a consistent practice. The per session rate is for commitment to multiple classes in the series. Consideration may be given for compassionate circumstances (extended/ severe ailment or dis-ease). In such cases, the session will be pro-rated and fees for missed classes will be applied to a subsequent session. 

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